"Time" lyrics

Unrest Lyrics


[Legend about life]

In autumnal yellowed foliage

Knightly armor dwells and killed horse

Sunlight breeze dry out dew

On helmet and sword of hero

Hero dropped of in eternal sleep

Glance of his dull blue eyes

Sad and weary towards heaven aim

Fade away the glory of gallant knights

Trees are bowing down with wistful song

Grey hairs of fathers, woeful eyes of mothers

Tone of sylvan horns sounds through the autumn

Clamor of battles in a distance fade away.

As it whole world were went to sleep

And stars glowing on yellowed foliage

Where knightly armor dwell

And killed horse, helmet and sword...

[Dedicated to J.Vrobel]

I would become my own demon, somebody speaks to me,

his sight fire's a sign in my heart, sign of age and death,

sign fiery and frore, coursing before me dark and horrid.